Brave Girl Trust

BraveGirl exists to inspire, equip and encourage women to live their lives authentically and on purpose, and to face obstacles, struggles or sadness with courage.

We are a non-profit organisation and 100% of all money donated goes to the Brave Girl Trust and to the work of fulfilling the mission statement.

Money donated goes towards:

  • The development of products and resources to equip and encourage women.
  • The planning and actioning of events to equip and encourage women.
  • The day to day running expenses of BraveGirl.

Brave Girl Trust is officially incorporated under the Charitable Trusts Act 1957.

We are officially registered with the Department of Internal Affairs which means that any donations given (in New Zealand) are available for the tax rebate. Our Registration Number is CC52389

Donation Opportunities

  • General Donations can be made directly into our bank account.
Our account details are -
    ANZ 01 0885 0085784 00 for direct transfers, simply include ‘Donation’ as a reference.

Cattle Rearing Scheme

  • This year BraveGirl is trailing a calf-rearing scheme. 
Simply pledge a bull calf or calves (Friesian if possible) to the Brave Girl Trust prior to 
15 June 2017. We will provide you with the appropriate tags, paperwork and thank you prior to calving.

    When a suitable calf is born you will tag it with the BraveGirl and NAIT tags and rear it until it is approximately 100kg liveweight.

    The calf will be collected from your property at the beginning of December and transported to the saleyards to be sold under the Brave Girl Trust.

    If you would like to contribute we would love for you to provide your contact details so we can discuss this further with you.

Sheep Trading Scheme

  • Are you able to donate any livestock on its way to the Freezing Works, BraveGirl Trust has two partnerships with the Alliance Group and Silver Fern Farms. 
Each partnership is slightly different but not difficult.

    Alliance Group
 - If you supply any livestock to Alliance Farms, you can donate to BraveGirl through writing “BraveGirl Trust” on your ASD form with how many stock units beside it you would like to donate. This is done at the time you send your livestock away on the same ASD form as your livestock. 
Eg BraveGirl Trust 2 sheep 
| Farmer Brown 108 sheep

    Silver Fern Farms
 - If you would like to donate any livestock to BraveGirl, please inform Silver Fern Farms BEFORE you fill out any ASD form. 

Please contact your local stock agent to arrange this link. Once your stock agent has linked BraveGirl to your account, you can now donate.

 Please fill out a separate ASD form for any BraveGirl donation. 

    Eg. 1st ASD form | Farmer Brown 108 sheep

           2nd ASD form | BraveGirl Trust 2 sheep (include your farm supplier number on this form)

For more information on ways to donate to the work of BraveGirl please contact Deb Erskine on

For international deposits click here for more information.

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