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It's amazing when you look back that you can see how many things intertwine before something comes to pass.  This is the story of how BraveGirl came to be. 

I was over the other side of the world when I found out my dear friend had been diagnosed with breast cancer.  I wanted to do something but I was too far away to be helpful.  I didn’t want to send her pity flowers, I wanted to send her a gift that declared strength and bravery as she prepared for her fight.  I wanted her to know that I didn’t feel sorry for her but that I was standing with her and cheering for her in her fight and that she COULD BEAT THIS, that she had to!  I couldn’t find any gifts that said that. 

I wanted to connect her with another of my friends who had been through the breast cancer journey so she could get encouragement, inspiration, hope and practical tips as she embarked on hers.  I began wondering…

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a place where people could go in the midst of their battle to hear the stories from those who have been through the dark tunnel and come out the other side.  That those brave women could speak hope, faith, widsom and love to the women in the middle of their darkness.


While all this was going on in my head, I happened to attend a conference in North Carolina.  I met a number of women who had been through the hardest of hard times, but they weren’t bitter or ‘victims,’ they were strong, compassionate, wise women that still had hope for the future. They were at the conference because they wanted to learn how they could turn their experience into something good, to be able to help others.  I was amazed, intrigued and inspired by them and slowly the dots were starting to connect.


I sensed in my spirit that something was going to happen.  All of these experiences and wonderings were going to amount to something.  Two months before BraveGirl was birthed I wrote this in my journal;


16 June 2014

I get the impression that we are going to be a part of something new – that we are going to start something.  Lord, give me a spirit of courage and bravery, give me the spirit of a pioneer.  Prepare me for the adventure ahead.  My answer is always YES Lord!


On Thursday 14 August 2014, I was upstairs in the bedroom of our small apartment in Charlotte, North Carolina when the Lord revealed the entire vision for BraveGirl to me.  It is impossible to put into words the thoughts and feelings of this experience, there are far too many to describe.  I came downstairs and my husband took one look at me and said,

“Wow, what’s going on?” 

I tried to put it into words but have no idea what came out!


“Do you need to go back upstairs?”

“I think I better”

More vision, more revelation, more overwhelming emotion.


This kept on for goodness knows how long.  All I know was that it was an incredibly humbling and overwhelming spiritual experience.  The birth of BraveGirl. 


A month later as I was driving to my eGroup I was praying about BraveGirl, and as I was stopped at a red light I felt the Lord say to me,

“I’m losing my girls, they are buckling under the pressure.  Make my girls strong.”




And so I am on a mission, a big one, to help women find the courage to live their lives with purpose, and to be strong enough to endure and overcome whatever obstacles, struggles or sadness comes their way. 


BraveGirl is now a place where brave girls share their stories of hard times, struggles, sadness and rise-up moments in order to inspire, equip and encourage those who are embarking on their journey.


BraveGirl is a place where you can buy gifts for yourself or your friends that say

“Put your BraveGirl pants on and do it!” 

“You are strong, you can do it, and I am cheering you on!”


BraveGirl is a place where we are committed to making His girls strong.


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