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My review of a fantastic book by Glennon Doyle Melton.

By Glennon Doyle Melton

If you haven’t come across Glennon yet you are missing out. This book and the writing on her blog ‘Momastery’ is fuel for your soul. This book is a collection of her writings on many many different topics. Glennon will tell you that her job is to tell the truth, spread hope and love greatly. And she does just that.

In this book there are moments of laugh-out-loud funny as she describes a moment from her parenting life, there are moments where it is impossible to keep reading through the tears as she shares her greatest moments of sorrow, and there are moments where you are so inspired by the truth in her writing and her belief in humanity, that you want to get up and either run a marathon or adopt a whole orphanage in Africa! This book is a beautiful and easy read that will give you many heart-swell moments. Glennons’ writing will connect with you in an incredible way, you will feel understood and connected to a bigger picture as you read, but be warned, you will get addicted to Glennon’s writing!

This is the perfect read for anyone with an imperfect past who is looking to find courage and live their lives authentically and on purpose!

You can purchase her book by clicking on the link at the top, or you can check out her blog



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