When I hear a story of someone overcoming adversity or stepping out of their comfort zone to do something radical, it stirs something in my spirit and I am inspired. I LOVE being inspired!
There is nothing more inspiring than hearing about acts of courage and bravery in order to give us perspective for our own situation or motivation to embrace the challenge ahead.

So what is an act of courage or bravery?

I believe that it is when someone acts on the whisper in their soul.

Its the whisper that nudges us to go and talk to that stranger, or put our hand up to help, or apply for that job, or start that business, or fight that bad medical report, or simply not give up!

It's the whisper that tells us to hope, to believe, to trust, to love.

To act on those whispers is hard and good and often takes every ounce of strength we can muster. But when you do, you begin to become the person you were meant to be.
So if you are in need of some inspiration, some perspective, some motivation or some encouragement then BraveGirl is for you!

Through this website, social media, the BraveGirl online shop and our events, we endeavour to inspire, equip and encourage you to act on the whisper of your soul and to live your best life regardless of circumstances and situations!