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Courage to respond to Syria 8 April 2017

The chemical weapons attack on Syria this week was horrific.  I had to walk away from the news report I was watching with my husband, with all the graphic images of the devastation and…

What to do with the niggle 3 March 2017

Do you have that feeling deep down inside, that ‘niggle’ or desire to try something new or develop a skill you’ve always been interested in? Perhaps it’s a niggle to have a go at…

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Who We Are

Meet Steph

Steph is a capable, entertaining, and challenging writer, speaker, and preacher of the Bible. She lives a messy rollarcoaster ride kind of life most weeks but she wouldn’t have it any other way.

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Our Story

I was over the other side of the world when I found out my dear friend had been diagnosed with breast cancer. I wanted to do something but I was too far away to be helpful. I didn’t want to send her pity flowers, I wanted to send her a gift that declared strength and bravery as she prepared for her fight.

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About BraveGirl

When I hear a story of someone overcoming adversity or stepping out of their comfort zone to do something radical, it stirs something in my spirit and I am inspired. I LOVE being inspired!

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We want to stand with you as you rise up to your challenge, step out and be brave. We believe with God ALL things are possible and we have a community of prayer warriors who will pray for you and your need. Please share your requests and your reports with us here:

Please note that we will keep your personal information confidential and will pass on prayer requests by issue only.

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